About Us

Since 1996 Credit Card Processing Services has been one of the premier companies to provide merchant account service primarily small to medium sized businesses. Over this time we have become a trusted partner to thousands of retail stores and restaurants when it came to selecting a merchant account provider. From this relationship came the need to offer gift card processing when electronic gift cards became popular in the early 2000’s. This led to the creation of our gift card division called Gift Card USA which put the small business on a level playing field when it came to gift card sales and processing. Then in 2002 we formed Bargain Terminals so that merchants throughout the U.S. could purchase online deeply discounted new credit card equipment rather than pay the exorbitant prices or lease offers by bankcard representatives.

Around this same time we started to get more calls from merchants who were concerned that they were taking unexpected financial losses by accepting checks from customers and a higher rate of them were coming back from their bank marked NSF than in past years. We attribute it to two main reasons – first is a moral breakdown of consumers not caring as much about bouncing a check in a stranger’s business and second the vast improvement in home printers to create counterfeit checks that are hard to distinguish from ones printed with special magnetic ink by trustworthy check printers that have been around for many years. So out of this need we created our division that we named No Bounced Checks.

At the beginning, we represented one check service company but over more than a decade we did our homework and developed business relationships with what we consider are the best check service for most every need. That is why you will notice that there are a variety of companies and services represented on this website. A company that is strong in check conversion guarantee may not be proficient in the guarantee of a payroll check in a check cashing establishment. Because of the research we did in terms of product offering, customer service, and pricing as well as feedback from merchants who have used the service we are confident that you will be pleased with your check service selection.

So please read about the different checks services we represent and see which best fits your need. Then feel free to compete the Request Info form to discuss your specific needs and we will answer any questions you might have. The when ready please complete the online app worksheet at the bottom of each of the program pages. We will respond to you within one business day.