eN-Check 3000

If you are looking to purchase the best stand-alone automatic check reader then look no further. Here it is! It is the eN-Check 3000 (formerly called the Check Manager 3000). This comprehensive, fast and simple-to-use check reader excels at a variety of applications including all of the face-to-face programs listed on this site such as check guarantee, check verification, and electronic check conversion.

The large bright display and keyboard are incredibly easy to use so you won't have to worry about any difficult training issues for your staff. The keyboard is similar to that of a credit card terminal making it easy to operate. Simply insert the check into the reader and "zoop" it is read in a couple of seconds. No worries about manually inputting the wrong check numbers. The internal modem automatically dials your check processor and returns a response in about 10 seconds.

Once programmed by your check service, all you have to do is plug it into a telephone jack and power outlet. As an option you can use a special "Y" cable and attach the eN-Check 3000 to your Verifone printer while still attached to the regular credit card terminal. By using this unit as a stand-alone product it is used totally independent of your credit card terminal. It has a very small footprint so as not to use much counter space or it can also be wall-mounted.

The price of this unit is only $299.00 and can be ordered right here from Bargain Terminals, the online leader for discounted credit card and check product equipment.

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