Cross-Check Traditional Check Guarantee

Think of check guarantee as check insurance. To be perfectly honest, most of our clients have no interest in a check guarantee service - until they get stuck with their first uncollectible bounced check.

Credit Card Processing Services, representing nationally respected Cross-Check offers a very reasonable check guarantee program designed especially to protect the small merchant who can least afford to be hit with an unexpected loss. This program is known as a traditional check guarantee service used by hundreds of thousands of merchants nationwide for many years. It is important for retailers to offer checks as a payment option because in many cases this is the preferred payment method by the customer and they simply may not own a credit card or be carrying around the disposable cash to make a purchase from you. In today's economy you never want to allow a prospective buyer to walk away empty handed.

Here is how our Traditional Check Guarantee Program Works

Your customer writes a check payable to your business name for goods purchased or services rendered. They then present their driver’s license for your review. You then have three simple options for obtaining approval for the check:

Option 1 – Voice Approval

Simply call the 24/7/365 live operator toll-free approval line and provide the check information. The phone service representative will provide you with either an approval code or a decline on the check should they be in the negative database. There is no additional cost for using voice approval.

Option 2 – Website Lookup

You will log onto the Merchant Log-In section of the Cross-Check website and enter your unique Store Number and PIN. An easy to use web form will popup where you will key in the check information and then push submit. In a few seconds the check will either be approved or declined. There is no additional cost for using website lookup.

Option 3 – Electronic Check Reader

For only $299.00 you can purchase the IVI Checkmate 3000 electronic check reader. This is the most popular and easiest to use check reader available today. It connects to your existing phone jack or splitter and sits next to your credit card terminal. Simply zoop the check through the reader and it will read the MICR code numbers on the bottom of the check. Key in the drivers license number, state code, state ID number from a chart we provide, and the dollar amount of the check. In about 10 seconds the check will either be approved or declined.

If you would like to use a standalone automatic check reader we recommend the Check Manager 3000 which we sell for only $299.00. This time saving device will automatically read the magnetic ink on the check to cut down on employee keying errors. It is quick and simple to use.

What Happens Next

  1. If the check gets approved you will write the customer’s driver’s license number on the face of the check and then deposit the check to your bank as normal.
  2. If the check is declined you will inform the customer and request a different form of payment.

What Happens if the Check Bounces

Even though you received an approval on the check it is still possible that the check could be returned by your bank as NSF because the customer didn’t have the funds available at the time it was deposited. What you will then do is place the check in a pre-addressed envelope and mail it to Cross-Check. As long as you followed the proper authorization procedures when you accepted the check then Cross-Check will pay you the full face value of the check, up to your pre-approved per check limit within 30 days. It is that simple!

What are the costs:

Discount Rate
1.00% for Most Business Types
Please Contact Us for Your Exact Rate

Per Check
14 Cents
Monthly Statement Fee
Minimum Monthly Fee
Minimum Per Check
99 Cents
Voice Authorization (If Needed)
Training and Supplies
Web Reporting

Here are some additional options you may want as well:

Premium Options

Disputed Stop Payment Coverage - 2 Cents

  • Stop payments usually take place because of a disagreement regarding service, product or price. Cross-Check will cover stop payments when your customer disputes the quality of the product or service you offer. Your only requirement is that you are as willing to resolve your customer’s disputes as we are.

Multiple Check Premium - 2 Cents

  • Your customer may need additional time in order to acquire funds to make their desired purchase. Multiple Check allows that time by accepting two to four checks from a single check writer to be deposited over a period of time.

Premium Approval - 2 Cents

  • Receive the highest approvals available in the industry. The premium approval open approval process allows you to accept virtually everyone’s check. Cross-Check will accept an even greater risk to approve checks so that our customers increase their sales. In fact Cross-Check guarantees 50 percent fewer declines than the competition or they will pay the setup fee for their customers to return to their previous Check Guarantee Company. Details are in the service agreement.

Bank Fee Premium - 15 Cents

  • You will receive interest on the amount of the returned check from the day that you accept the check until the day that Cross-Check pays your claim.

Partial Payment Option – 2 Cents

  • Sometimes a purchase cannot be paid in full with cash, check, or credit card. The Partial Payment option gives you the ability to offer combination payments. This will allow your customer to write one check for the difference in the amount they can pay with cash or a credit card.

For more information or to sign up for the Secur-Chex Check Guarantee Program please complete the "I Want More Info Form", email us at or call Kevin direct at 215-489-7878 or toll-free at 800-717-1245.


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